About the lab

We study the complex interaction between mind, brain and body by combining experimental psychology, psychophysiology, neuroimaging, and microbiology.

Our focus is to better understand the interactions between brain and body to harness new understanding and applications in the context of mental health and neurodevelopmental conditions.

Current projects and collaborations


Exploring the gut-brain axis in autism spectrum disorder. Read more here.


Investigating the effectiveness of an exercise intervention at improving symptoms of depression and anxiety in university students.

Compulsive exercise behaviour in ADHD

Investigating compulsions and behavioural addictions in ADHD. Collaboration with ADHDResearchLab.

Interoceptive awareness in eating disorders

Investigating eating disorders and FGID’s and their association with interoceptive awareness.

Correlates of mental health in university sports

Investigating the impact of university sports participation on mental health.