Short courses

Psychology: Mind and Body Summer School

This module will provide you with a deep understanding of the complex bi-directional relationship between the mind and the body. You will explore how different parts of the body, such as the gut, influence the development and function of the brain, and in turn, how the brain exerts influence over the body.

We will focus on a range of psychological and medical conditions, including autism, Parkinson’s, chronic pain, depression, and more. You will learn how to design research projects to study the brain-body connection and come into contact with cutting-edge discoveries in this fascinating and fast-paced field of study.

King’s BSc Psychology

Clinical Neurodevelopmental Sciences

Optional level 6 module.

Neurodevelopmental disorders (including autism, ADHD and intellectual disability) are complex, heterogenous and often impairing conditions. Their causes are largely unknown and treatment options are limited. However, cutting edge research in neuroscience, psychology and biology is beginning to be translated into clinical practice, benefiting patients and their families.

In this module, you will explore the most recent advances in our understanding of neurodevelopmental disorders and how these are being translated into the clinic. You will also learn about current gold-standard assessment and treatment approaches and gain a better understanding of their strengths and limitations.